About Sylvia Mac

About Sylvia Mac

Sylvia won Women of the Year, Boots Wellness Warrior Award. She was picked out from thousands and was handed her award in person from Tamzin Outhwaithe, Mel Giedroyd and Helen Normoyle. 

Women of the Year hosted their 66th online event awarding Sylvia Mac the Boots Wellness Warrior Award in October 2020. They celebrated 400 women from across the UK who have achieved remarkable things. The event champions women from all walks of life and each guest is nominated by a member of the women of the year council in recognition of her personal achievement or inspiration and attends the gathering as ‘Woman of The Year’.


Sylvia also recently starred in the sunday mirrror article:

Her story

When I was 2 years 7 months, I fell backwards into a bowl of boiling water. My sister and I were running around playing a game of ‘hide and seek’ when I decided to hide in the bathroom where the bowl was laid on the floor.  My mother told us specifically not to enter the bathroom but I thought it would be a great place to hide.   I received 3rd and 4th degree burns to my back, sides, tummy and left leg and spent quite a bit of time in and out of hospital having skin grafts to help resurface my back.  I almost died from my injuries and was given my Last Rites twice so I thank my lucky scars…excuse the pun…that I am still living and loving life.

Although it took me over 30 plus years to get to a good place, I definitely believe it was worth the wait.


After suffering severe burns as a child, Sylvia Mac founded her campaign and support network, Love Disfigure, in the hopes of reaching others with skin disfigurements. Sylvia hopes that through ‘Love Disfigure’ she can inspire others to be proud of their bodies. The organisation supports over 3,000 people with skin conditions, burns, scars or disfigurement. Her latest campaign encourages the fashion, art, and film industries to represent people with scars. 

Here, she shares the things she’s learned along the way:

Mental health matters to me because… I suffered for years with severe depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem due to the scars on my body. Learning about my mental health and wellbeing has certainly helped me become the survivor, or thriver, I am today.

My biggest tip for self-love is… remind yourself every day just how beautiful you are. Look in the mirror and repeat: ‘I am beautiful, I am worthy’. Keep hold of that positive mindset and carry it throughout the day.

The main thing I want people to know about dealing with disfigurement is… no matter where your skin differences are on your body, it still affects many people mentally as well as physically.

One thing that being a burn survivor has taught me about myself is… just how strong I am emotionally, physically and mentally. I count myself as a thriver, which is third in line after ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’. I no longer have ‘down days’ worrying about what people will think about me and my scars. It’s truly amazing.