Feature your creations, collaborate with conscience.

Feature your creations, collaborate with conscience.

With ethical values at its core, celebrate the diverse face of London Fashion Week with the glamourous location of the Arboretum Member’s Club. Since 2011, we’ve hosted over 100 fashion events with emphasis on inclusivity, and supporting emerging British designers in their careers. We have hosted events at the Houses of Parliament and Private Members Club but nowhere is more glamorous than the Arboretum Member’s Club.

  • Showcase your creativity to key industry players.
  • Increase exposure to your designs.
  • Meet likeminded fashion insiders, and grow your network.

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Can I have access to photos?

Yes. Once all the photos are taken, we will send them to you via email for you to post at your will.

Do I have to arrange our own models?

No. We have scouted fashion influencers for you. You will then be able to choose which influencers you wish to model your designs and then in turn pay them for their service.

Do I have to pay my models in monetary payment or can I pay them in clothes gifts?

Models will be paid at your discretion. Therefore, they can be paid in the form of monetary payment or payment in clothes. This will have to be agreed with you & the models.

Will I be able to sell my designs at the event?

As a designer at London Represents, you will have the opportunity to book a stand where you can sell your designs.

When will I be able to choose my models?

As soon as you are ready

When do I have to start measuring/fitting my models?

This can be started now. However, we do suggest having this done by the end of August.

Do I have to give the influencers/models my clothes for free?

No. Giving the models your clothes for free will be at your own discretion.

How will the stands be?

If you choose to purchase a stand, you have some discretion of how you would like to set it up, but please do run it by us first. There will be different stands available, starting from 2m X 1m. At the stand you can (for example) have: rails, tables, banners, models or mannequins etc & be creative.

Will there be time for me to sell my clothes or will I need to get someone else to do that?

We would recommend you have someone else on your stand, but it is completely up to you. If your brand is part of the catwalk show too, you might want to help backstage, in which we recommend you bring someone else. You can bring an extra person free.

Will I be able to see the venue before the event?

Yes, we can arrange a date that we can access the venue for you to look around beforehand, providing that it complies with the COVID guidelines at the time.

Will the venue will be cleaned to covid standards?

Yes, of course! The national liberal club will clean the venue in line with COVID guidelines.