About National liberal club

About National liberal club

Occupying a historic building overlooking the Thames, the National Liberal Club offers its members and guests an oasis of calm, comfort and elegance in the heart of Westminster.

“We believe passionately in creating a place for people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to come and enjoy some of the very best club facilities for relaxing and entertaining in the heart of London”.

Imagine the Natural History Museum, only grander, more elegant and more intimate. Designed by the same architect but for a very different purpose, the National Liberal Club was created as a place for people to relax, unwind and socialise – not just some of the world’s most eminent statesmen but also others from different backgrounds and ethnicities who were embraced by Britain’s 19th-century liberal culture just as they are today. From the moment you walk through the revolving doors into the high-ceilinged hall, with its spectacular staircase immediately in front of you, you feel yourself simultaneously transported into history yet connected to the best of contemporary multicultural London.

Our Philosophy

The National Liberal Club occupies a clubhouse of breath-taking grandeur, but its proudest boast is to be ‘the most inclusive club in London’. Wherever you’re from, whatever your skin colour, gender or sexuality, you can be yourself at the NLC, provided only that you respect the right of others to do the same.