With enough garments on the planet to clothe the next 3 generations, each BYZANTIUM catwalk piece has been upcycled, remade and hand embellished by designer Joanna Day, with her signature Byzantine inspired twist.
A jewelled colour palette of gemstones and golds, featuring beading, bodices and tailoring brings BYZANTIUM to modern day, giving garments new life and reducing carbon footprint.

The Byzantium Studio and Website also features Ready to Wear Collections as well as made to order, vintage and designer collectibles~ saying no to fast fashion and yes to forever fashion.

Studio Address First Floor, 163 Preston House, Crowthrone High Street, Berkshire RG457AF

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E Portare

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Rafael Freitas

When discussing high fashion and design, one name comes to mind: Rafael Freitas.

This talented luxury fashion designer has two decades of presence in the national and international market, being one of the most prominent references in creating women’s and men’s fashion.

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Roaringly Precious

Roaringly Precious was born when Sara, (Designer and Founder) spent time caring for a loved one living with dementia. She became frustrated with the lack of fashionable, appropriate clothing available to help people maintain their sense of style and independence whilst also providing for their specific needs. Sara became increasingly concerned by the negative impact and accumulative affects limited access to clothing options creates.
Roaringly Precious is a made to order inclusive clothing brand. We prioritise the needs of people living with unseen conditions whilst focusing on inclusivity for all. We specalise in designing clothing for people living with neurological conditions such as Autism and Dementia. We champion individuality, empowerment, and choice so that our clients feel seen, heard, and respected.
Our mission is to be a person-centred clothing brand, providing fashionable and purposeful products that will improve our client’s quality of life. We provide inclusive clothing inspired by lived experiences. Our aim is to ease struggle and provide people with a sense of confidence, comfort and enjoyment. Our hope is to destigmatise neurological conditions, encourage positive societal perceptions and to create a more even playing field of opportunity so that people living with unseen conditions can thrive.

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Roberta Lee

Hi, I’m Roberta Lee, I’m known as The Sustainable Stylist and I work with women who want to maximise their confidence and find their unique style code.

I use sustainable styling principles and a values-driven approach for impactful style transformations that amplify who you are and what you believe in. If that sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place!

Discover a whole new world when you open your wardrobe doors to clothes you’re excited to wear, love and cherish for many years to come. Find your WOW colours (Colour analysis), find confidence in your shape (Body shape analysis and styling) and discover how to make old clothes feel new again (Sustainable Styling).

The start of a beautiful new relationship between you and your closet is just a few clicks away….see which services are right for you

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Sarah Maier

Cláudia Madaleno is a Portuguese Designer, who created Sarah Maier in 2020 through inspiration from her travels.

All pieces from her footwear brand are made in Portugal, but with the new Summer Collection the brand has opted for Italian production.
Their shoes are 100% leather and crafted by artisans using ecological techniques and raw materials. SM’s most recent collection is unique using a wide range of colors and materials, promoting happiness and comfort.
Mobile +351 913 522 163

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Swim90 was created to redefine ‘High-end fashion’. To show that we deserve an industry that includes us all. A brand that celebrates differences and encourages us all to be our authentic self. With that, our promise that, ‘Every size is possible’, allows everyone access to high-end, luxurious, handmade garments.

Part of Swim90’s mission is to create, body confident swimwear, smashing apart the social pressures to conform to what people consider to be desirable. Spreading joy amongst holiday goers around the world.
Swim90 is a community, a family. All working towards the improvement and expansion of the fashion industry. Creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy fashion. Amplifying the voice of those who deserve to be heard.

With a focus on Slow fashion, we use digital software such as Clo3D to minimise waste and aid us in the pre-production process. All our products are handmade in our UK Studio, created using unique, hand painted prints and textile manipulation.

We are here to create positive change, our journey has only just begun.

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Victoria Charles

Victoria Charles Headpieces is a brand formed in 2014 by Victoria Carson. Victoria is a professional Milliner living in the UK, just outside of London. Drawing upon her extensive experience, Victoria creates chic seasonal Ready to Wear collections. But here’s the secret to Victoria’s magic: her designs spring from an alchemy of textures, hues, and silhouettes that reveal her daring love affair with creativity. She crafts more than headpieces; she crafts stories. With every piece she designs, Victoria gifts her clients the power to transcend ordinary fashion. Her masterpieces don’t just accessorize; they transform, allowing those who wear them to radiate their uniqueness wherever they go.

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We Dress Collective

WeDress was born out of love for high quality fashion and passion for a fashion world that allows consumption to exist without harming others or the environment.

As a passionate fashionista, fashion expression and diversity have always been very important to me and played a significant role in my life. Therefore, I dealt with sustainability very early on, which is why in 2013 I decided to switch to sustainable clothing and consume less. I became a “heavy user” of second-hand platforms and part of the fair fashion world. The topic of consuming better and smarter naturally played a steadily growing role in my life during this time.

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