Belo is a British-Brazilian accessories brand celebrating ethical craftsmanship and innovation. We use recycled plastic and waste materials to create bold yet timeless designs that give back to the community. Crafted by local artisans paid a fair living wage, a percentage of all profits are donated to Casa de Maria, our partner charity in Belo Horizonte, to provide food and care to its most vulnerable people.

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David Wej

Established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008 by Adedayo David Eweje , David Wej is an award-winning international premium lifestyle brand renowned for their distinctive traditionally inspired bespoke jacquard suits, classic shirts and accessories.

A Geography and regional planning graduate from the lagos state University, Adedayo had an accomplished career within the telecom Industry having worked for telecom giants Econet and Globacom. However his childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer eventually led to the launch of David Wej.

David Wej has received extensive editorial coverage , been recognised as one of Nigeria’s leading lifestyle brands and been the go to brand for celebrities and high profile figures.

In March 2021 David Wej officially opened their seventh international location in London at 38 Great Portland Street, just off Oxford Street.

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Leticia Credidio

Our garments give you unparalleled comfort and quality design with sustainability stitched in. We believe fashion that helps you sleep beautifully should be made in a beautiful way. Our sleepwear and loungewear is designed to take comfort to the next level. Each piece allows you to move freely, to feel at ease and to step into a space of relaxation, stillness and inner contentment. As a modern business, we go against the trend of fast fashion. All of our products are made to stand the test of time.

They are designed in East London and handmade in a family run atelier based in Emilia Romagna, Italy. It’s a place that respects those who work there with good working conditions and fair wages. And we know all of the women who make our products by name. Our non-plastic packaging is made with discarded fabrics from London, Essex and Kent. We’re forever inspired by the natural world, so the way we make our products always aims to protect it.

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Differently Enabled

Founded by Craig Crawford after his post COVID19 intensive care experience, Differently Enabled exists to help people Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good. Following his discharge from the ICU, Craig was encouraged by his NHS occupational therapist Michael Burke to switch from the hospital gowns to his own clothes for a speedier recovery. Craig arranged for his favourite clothes to be brought to the hospital the next day. Ten hours later, Craig was sitting in a puddle of his own urine, having not had the strength or dexterity to untie his drawstring or pull down his waistband in time to use the toilet. This was his first humiliating clothing experience, but not his last. There was a large gap between who he thought he was and who he was now, thanks to a global pandemic and killer virus. A 30-year veteran of the luxury fashion and technology industry, he knew there had to be another way. DE is that way. “We are a laboratory of Designers, Engineers, Technicians and Data Scientists who create customised products and services just for you,” Crawford explains. “We are the Made-toOrder clothing brand for anyone and everyone who feels excluded by the fashion industry. We co-create incredible bespoke clothes for anyone who is Differently Enabled. This is our first runway show and we are proud to be part of London Represents.”

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VIITA X Mokoteshe

A creative collaboration between two brands – VIITTA Fashion and Mokoteshe present a capsule collection of exclusive garments and tailored jackets.

VIITTA garments are handmade using a knotting technique called macrame. Based in London, inspired by the nature and culture of Africa and India, each VIITTA creation is dedicated to the empowerment of both the wearer and the creator. VIITTA supports mindful fashion and has a zero waste policy. VIITTA believes in inclusivity, authenticity and wishes to unite people around the world with its “knots of connection, friendship and love”.

Mokoteshe is about modern jackets with no stereotypes. It combines classic styles with unusual designs like Yin and Yang. Mokoteshe’s mission is to show love for life through creating handmade and sustainable fashion.

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A brand of hats, accessories and handcrafted clothing that brings exclusivity to our customers.

We produce pieces for sophisticated women who do not give up a day-to-day refinement.

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Contessina London is a design-led brand based in London founded by Greek designer Clara Poulantza.

It is a fashion brand with exclusive design concepts, inclusive and conscious philosophy.

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E- Portare

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Brasilena is lingerie brand, a company that is as inclusive as it is beautiful. Brasilena includes all sizes and kinds of women, making them feel confident and beautiful in their bodies.

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AMAR.TE was born in April 2021 from an unpretentious conversation in the living room.

Believing that the fashion world leaves something to be desired when we talk about humanized fashion, inclusion and transparency, AMAR.TE emerged from the desire to walk our path with these pillars as values.

Through our pieces, we intend to break a barrier created since the beginning between people looking for something that values them without feeling the need to change something in themselves to adapt to the aesthetic standards imposed by society.

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Bruna Tavares

Bruna Tavares is a journalist, businesswoman and has been producing beauty and makeup content since 2009. She is also the founder of the Bruna Tavares makeup line and an active personality in the global sphere of beauty.

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The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has been a subsidiary of Finnish multinational company Amer Sports since 1989.

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We Dress Collective

WeDress was born out of love for high quality fashion and passion for a fashion world that allows consumption to exist without harming others or the environment.

As a passionate fashionista, fashion expression and diversity have always been very important to me and played a significant role in my life. Therefore, I dealt with sustainability very early on, which is why in 2013 I decided to switch to sustainable clothing and consume less. I became a “heavy user” of second-hand platforms and part of the fair fashion world. The topic of consuming better and smarter naturally played a steadily growing role in my life during this time.

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Chamiah Dewey Fashion

Chamiah Dewey Fashion is the UK’s first clothing brand for people with Dwarfism/short stature. We offer stylish, timeless pieces, made in eco-conscious fabrics, sourced and produced in the UK, and finished with innovative, adaptive fastenings.

Our mission is to disrupt the fashion industry, producing and spreading positive representations of little people to the mainstream media, changing societal perceptions and showing the fashion industry that little people are just as beautiful and deserving of stylish clothing and a place in the industry.

Launched by 22 year old Chamiah in her final year at London College of Fashion, the brand’s achievements over the past year are extraordinary: showing at London Sustainability Fashion Week; a pop-up shop on the world-renowned Oxford Street, London; winning two awards back-to-back with University Of The Arts London; releasing two world’s first books; creating the world’s first tailors dummy in the form of a woman with Dwarfism.

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Sema Gedik learned from her cousin Funda, who is a little person herself, how difficult it is to buy clothes. Was there not a single label offering clothes for little people that want to participate in fashion and lifestyle? She met with more and more little men and women and then decided: this must change. After several years of researching ready-to-wear sizes for little people and building a strong community, she officially founded the label AUF AUGENHOEHE in 2017

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{E} PORTARE by the Brazilian designer Juliana Carvalho. Products with fashion references and alos timeless. The meaning of {E} PORTARE translating to English is {E} “elegance” Portare “carry”. Handcrafted by powerful women and family leaders from Brazilian Slums.

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Dear Ocean Community

A sustainable swimwear brand. Created in Portugal, with Brazilian design. All their bikinis and bathing suits are made of non-squeezing Lycra, with a biodegradable fabric and linin

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Elidy’s Couture

Ghanaian born Alesha Vidogah exquisite designs are sophisticated, elegant and contemporary – and her instinctive eye for detail results in the cut, incredible fit and effortless style that makes her label unique.

Whether bridal, occasion or evening wear, the bespoke couture service from Elidys Couture produces timeless clothes to be treasured.

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A luxury handbag brand

Olianto is an eco-friendly brand and strives to make sure that as part of our production, we make sustainable handbags by sourcing our leather from tanneries that work with local farmers and recycled leathers. It’s an ongoing process and we keep improving by educating our workers, and farmers. We are also a member of BAFTS British Association Of Fair-Trade Suppliers

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The ``Reframe Collection``

by KF Branding by Kel Ferey and Woolmay Mayden by Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre

Black designers who inspire, change and transform. It’s like a dream that can only be dreamed of: with this idea, Kel Ferey and the famous Haitian model Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre who is the owner and Creative Director of Woolmay Mayden came together to develop and resignify a unique, rich, timeless and elegant collection. Together, the designers created and resignified 10 exclusive looks, full of prints and embroidered pieces that refer to urban streetwear.

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Noe Dresses

Noemie Jouas is a French and Japanese fashion designer based in London. Her feminine and playful designs have sustainability embedded in them as she makes pieces from second hand textiles and deadstock fabrics, bringing life to materials that were once discarded.

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Poetry House

A sustainable Fashion Brand, offering a selection of unique upcycled pieces, along with a range of Urban apparel, made from % organic/ Fairwear approved cotton.

A London based sustainable fashion brand. Its founding principles include celebrating Creativity, Diversity & Integrity. Each piece, like every one of us has a story. The origins of each item are often explored through poetry or theatre, which led the brand to be labelled PoetryHouse “Authentic Attire for Artists”

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Ran by Nature

Ethical athleisure for mindful movement and sustainable living. Seasonless, inclusive and sustainable as standard.

Their products have been independently tested and are made in the UK from eco-friendly, recycled fabrics. While giving 10% of the profits to charity.

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SB Shop

Samanta Bullock, the CEO of SB shop is passionate about combining fashion and inclusion. SB shop collaborates with brands to develop collections, always pushing for diversity, representation, and acceptance in all spaces.
In addition, SB Shop also operates in the educational sector, with courses, lectures, and content focused on Adaptive Fashion.

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Seref is an eco-conscious, gender-fluid brand that focuses on making expressive clothing to celebrate individuality. By intertwining aspects of femininity and masculinity, Seref creates clothing that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity. Using dead-stock fabric and offcuts that could otherwise end up in landfill, Seref helps to reduce textile waste one garment at a time. Making small batches or made to order garments consciously to minimise the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.

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Sophie Teal

Bridal Wear, custom made in the UK.

Sophie creates bespoke dresses for women to feel beautiful and confident. Her dresses are created with much attention to detail and couture finishes. Beautiful embroidery designs and the use of corsets and structure in the dresses give the wearer a beautiful and defined silhouette. An inclusive brand, created for women of different colours, and shapes.

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Smart Adaptive

Philadelphia based brand is breaking barriers as an innovative designer and advocate for adaptive clothing for people who struggle with dressing themselves or another.

“Our easy fasten clothing builds confidence, independence, saves time with effortless style. We keep the buttons on our garments for a traditional appearance and sew Velcro behind each button for easy on | easy off dressing. Ideal for people living with disabilities, chronic illness, caregivers and more”

Nancy the brand CEO

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Unhidden Clothing

Unhidden is an award winning socially responsible adaptive fashion brand. Created by Victoria Jenkins, a garment technologist with 14 years fashion industry experience. Unhidden is about more than stylish and dignified fashion- it is also about raising awareness and working towards equity for the disabled and chronic sick community.

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Twisted Persona Apparel

Twisted Persona Apparel is a black owned streetwear clothing brand created by founder Christopher Bleau, The brand aspires to put their twist into the fashion market. They do this with their unique, limited and alternative style of streetwear fashion and appeal to the young adult audience.

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Again & Again

Again & Again is a slow, eco-conscious, female owned fashion brand based in Peckham. They take ready made garments and rejuvenate them through the art of silk-screen printing to create unique and fashionable items. With over 10 years professional experience within the industry, the brand wanted to create affordable collections without production lines, creating minimal waste for the environment. Created through a passion for print design and colour, Again & Again believe that people are happiest and feel most confident when wearing something they love.

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Selina Knitts

Selina is an ethical fashion brand that makes a conscious effort towards innovation and sustainability. Each garment is designed and knitted by Selina in her London-based home studio. Her most recent knits are a continuation project that was first born in her final year of University, inspired by African hairstyling. As a brand, Selina represents being feminine, sexy but comfortable. These are the type of clothes Selina herself loves to wear, clothes that you can wear at any occasion and you can dress up or down. Selina is a sustainable clothing brand that minimises clothing wastage. Each item is made to measure and custom to each person, to ensure the perfect fit.

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Girl Scout Shoes

Girl Scout Shoes is a cutting edge footwear brand creating statement items from thrifted pieces. Started during lockdown, the brand is a celebration of living life again. The founder Onnika, reflected on how short life can be and the importance of realising the things that really matter and things that don’t – one of those things being other people’s opinions. Onnika set out to create loud, statement pieces that really say ‘I don’t care what you think of me!’. Onnika describes Girl Scout Shoes as eccentric, in your face and fearless! “They are made to make you feel like a boss when you hit the streets” empowering the person wearing them and making them feel beautiful – regardless of gender, sexuality, size or ability.

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Joshua Elijah Aikeremiokha created Aikeremiokha due to a lust of curiosity about creating new uniforms for youth. This has since blossomed into something that Joshua wants all ages to experience. Aikeremiokha is both a sustainable and ethical brand, as everything has been done by Joshua, from the design to sewing, marketing and labour.

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Leticia Credidio

Leticia Credidio is a slow lifestyle sleep/loungewear brand established by the eponymous Italian-Japanese-Brazilian designer. Leticia Credidio’s brand mission is to help over-stimulated city workers to embrace the power of sleep and lounge. Handcrafted with smart and sustainable fabrics, Leticia Credidio’s collections bring a refreshing aesthetic take on sleepwear that can also be worn as loungewear. Her Ocean collection is made in Italy with certified seaweed fabric (SeaCellTM) that was produced and weaved in Germany.

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Lautoka is a young, up and coming online vintage clothing retailer with a passion to provide customers with the best in vintage that is true to the Lautoka style. Their style can be best described as sustainable streetwear. Lautoka is run by two owners who decided to quit their mundane jobs to make their pastime passion for vintage clothing, a full time career. They sell only second hand clothing, and if it wasn’t picked up by them, it would end up being thrown away. The founders believe that they share a common goal with their customers, which is to save clothing from going to landfill that will ultimately help reduce the amount of waste we dispose of each year.

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Rua Luja is a UK based clothing brand that utilise timeless shapes and premium fabric to create garments primarily for mature women. Their products range from scarfs to evening gowns, all crafted with the finest quality, locally sourced fabrics and handmade within a studio in the UK. The founder has incorporated aspects of the Eastern influence they grew up with into the clothing, which is evident through their use of sequinned garments and soft chiffon fabrics featuring throughout the range.Rua Luja also created bespoke Arabic attire for men, produced in an extremely small collections.

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Karen Gold

Karen Gold is a contemporary British brand that creates limited edition collections for both women and men. Her pieces are instantly recognisable as they incorporate sharp tailoring of classic styles, giving consumers timeless and trans-seasonal pieces that never go out of style. Her signature designs have been shown at London and Paris Fashion Week as well as many other acclaimed events. Also, her commitment to sustainability is evident throughout all her collections which is part of the brand’s ethos to be a company that is responsible and transparent.

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Peter Twiss

Peter Twiss is a London based brand creating sustainable investment pieces using luxury silk. Established in 2009, the brand has been refining and building its own fabric and signature styles through salvaging, beautiful and luxurious silk fabrics to use in their designs. These high quality, timeless garments are created to last, preventing clothing waste and working towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

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