Join us for the most ethical and inclusive fashion event at London Fashion Week.

London Represents, 17th September 2021.

London Represents is an exciting all-day showcase of ethical fashion from emerging London designers. Since 2011, our mission has been to diversify the face of fashion – our shows use models that are often underrepresented with the aim to create an inclusive fashion environment. Ethics are at our core and can be shown in our materials, production, and the catwalk.

Our shows feature models that accurately reflect the glorious diversity in London: we’re immensely proud to feature models with a disability, and models of every; size, shape, and gender identity.

As a sponsor you can chose to take the opportunity to:

  • Have A booth to sell your products or promote your Brand at the event
  • Your name or logo on Organic London promotional content
  • Team building opportunities with a meal in a glamourous setting
  • Mentions in Organic London blog posts, newsletters and emails
  • Social media and advertising leading up to the event
  • Ads in the programme
  • Logo on the step and repeat banner

Drop us a line below and one of the team will contact you back to work out the best sponsoring opportunities for your company!

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Our Partners


Can we have a stand?

Yes. If you would like to purchase a stand you can.

How will the stands be?

If you choose to purchase a stand, you have some discretion of how you would like to set it up, but please do run it by us first. There will be different stands available, starting from 2m X 1m. At the stand you can (for example) have: rails, tables, banners, models or mannequins etc & be creative.

Can I speak at the event?

You can speak at the event as a sponsor if you choose to.

Do we have to be in attendance?

No, but if you have stand you may want someone there.

How will people know I am a sponsor?

If you would like, you can wear a name badge or we could announce you on the microphone during the event.

Will I have to buy tickets to be in attendance?

Depending on the sponsorship you buy. If you buy a sponsorship package that does include tickets then you will not need to buy tickets. If tickets are not included in your package, then you will have to purchase tickets.

Where can I find out who will be in attendance?

We will be posting on our social media people who will be in attendance. Some may wish to retain their privacy, so contact us if you would like more information on this.

Which other companies are sponsoring or in association with this event?

Other sponsors are listed on this page & will be on our social media accounts.

Our event will be hosted at The Arboretum Member’s Club

2A Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0HF