• February 2, 2023

Designers- February 2023 Line-up

Designers- February 2023 Line-up

Designers- February 2023 Line-up 1000 500 London Represents

la inspiración

1’st Costa Rican clothing brand adapted for people with disabilities. Sewing and Fashion without barriers.


‘Aurelia is the exploration of perspective through artistic mediums, foremost fashion design. My particular interest as a designer lies at the blurred line where Fashion and Art collide, which is what I intend to redefine through my designs. Inspired by my time training in professional dance at Rambert I created my first collection ,Vortex//Mania, featuring pieces in this line up. Vortex//Mania circles exploring muscularity in female bodies and sensuality in male bodies. The collection was designed and influenced by the human bone structure, the way flesh interacts with bones and its contortions. I wanted to focus on the biological architecture of different bodies, unconventionally, the supposed masculinity in female bodies or femininity in male bodies.

Aurelia Clara – Designer

I Am We Are

I Am We Are is a not-for-profit, premium streetwear brand that promotes positivity and unity, and raises awareness for any medical issue that is shamed or misunderstood.

The brand is founded by a London doctor, and donates 100% of profit to charities that support the message on the garments.

With bold designs and strong messaging, the brand aims to empower those that often fear to speak their truths.

I Am We Are; Threads for a Cause.

Neo Dress

Noemie is a London based French and Japanese fashion designer.

Since a young age, Noemie has been passionate about creating. Her sewing journey began at 16, when she taught herself on YouTube with the goal of making her own prom dress. At the University of St. Andrews where she studied Business Management, her passion for designing grew even more as she took part of fashion shows as featured designer and theatre productions as head costumer. She attended the School of Fashion Design in Boston during the summer 2019 and since then has been working hard to make fashion design her career. Noemie has been creating garments for clients since 2019 and in 2020, showcased her first collection at Catwalk Charity Fashion Show. She moved in London in the summer of 2021.

Noemie finds inspiration in second hand materials, giving life to fabrics that otherwise would’ve been thrown out. Her recycled garments has been featured in Vogue multiple times.

Opening her online shop in 2022, she hopes to have her designs worn all over the world.

Formerly Known As

Formerly Known As are the inclusive, gender – neutral brand whose focus is to
create classic key pieces with a twist.
Their debut collection showcases modern basics in premium fabrications,
featuring multi-wearable pieces to encourage the customer to shop less and
wear more.
Founders Andrea and Felicity created Formerly Known As from a 20-year friendship
and a shared passion for clothing and style.
Andrea, with over 10 years’ experience in fashion design and Felicity,
with 17 years under her belt in business & finance, felt it was a natural
step for them to combine forces and start their own brand.
From their first ‘business meeting’ with a cocktail in hand, to developing
the concept on their sun loungers on holiday, their vision of the brand is unwavering
– clothing for everybody.

Byzantium Boutique

Byzantium was an ancient Greek City that became known as Constantinople and is now known as Istanbul. The origins of Byzantium are shrouded in legend, the paintings, fabrics and architecture all so luxurious with the most incredible embellishments and attention to detail, and the inspiration behind the boutique-bringing luxury style & design to the high street.


Introducing an incredible movement and designer UNIdaptive.
This social project was created by @bullockinclusion bringing inclusive fashion to the universities, sharing its knowledge on diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity with future designers.
Here’s a beautiful explanation by UNIdaptive of their goal for the project;
‘This is like an introduction to the world of inclusive fashion, and we hope to inspire the students to explore the unknown as there are so much more to include in the fashion world’.
This is the second year this project has participated in @london_represents catwalk, and we can’t wait to have them back!


We curate fashion with diversity in mind. Pick your product straight from your favourite brand. We do all te work for you.

We believe that fashion is a transformation tool. And we translate this into the curatorial format. We indicate the main inclusive solutions: whether they are designed by us, within our own brand, or by brands we recommend.

But, why curate fashion with diversity in mind? We answer in a very simple way: because everyone gets dressed. Fashion is a tool that reaches 100% of people.

Each product needs to make sense, have a purpose and work for everyone. For this reason, different perspectives build each review that we publish – to represent in a more real and plural way who are the people that we reach, with representation always on focus.

Chamiah Dewey Fashion

Chamiah Dewey Fashion was Founded by Chamiah Dewey, (a 22 year old at the time, Fashion Student at London College of Fashion) in 2021.