• February 16, 2024

Brands and Designers February 2024

Brands and Designers February 2024

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With enough garments on the planet to clothe the next 3 generations, each BYZANTIUM catwalk piece is completely unique. Lavish fabrics and pieces are up-cycled, sewn, hand embellished and beaded by fashion designer Joanna Day with her signature Byzantine Twist. Tailoring and gowns with gems, embroidery, symbolism and golds bring ancient BYZANTIUM to modern day, giving garments new life and reducing carbon footprint.

The Byzantium Studio and Website also features Ready to Wear Collections as well as made to order, vintage and designer collectibles~ saying no to fast fashion and yes to forever fashion.

Studio Address
First Floor, 163 Preston House , Crowthrone
High Street, Berkshire RG457AF

Gunda Hafner

Gunda Hafner is an award-winning eco-centric luxury womenswear brand based in the UK. Our designs and collections are exciting, versatile and wearable, simplifying everyday wardrobe choices while working in harmony with our world. Be kind to yourself while caring for the planet.

Sustainability is our core brand value. We see it as our mission to make sustainable luxury fashion accessible to a diverse range of women. We believe sustainability should
complement, not compromise, busy modern lifestyles. As an independent fashion label, we are committed to driving change within the industry. Our ethics and commitment to
more sustainable practices are embedded
into our everyday.

Uncompromising quality is what makes us stand out from the crowd. All our eco-certified natural fabrics feel luxurious on the skin. Our materials are ethically sourced
in Europe and of the highest quality. We use natural fibres, recycled and upcycled materials to minimise our environmental impact. Our local design & production team ensure our garments are unique, long-lasting, crafted to exceptional standards and have wide appeal.

Mylk and honey

Mylk and Honey Clothier was founded in 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland,
USA by Tiffany Rice. She and her brand relocated to London, UK
in 2023.

The plus size women’s brand the brand is best known for
swimwear, poolside, and resort-wear. However, Tiffany
occasionally branches off into boudoir, eveningwear, and
ready to wear clothing. Though formally named in 2018, Tiffany began laying the early foundation for Mylk and Honey Clothier in 2012. At the time the designer was a home sewer specialising in up cycling used and vintage clothing for her own personal style. Tiffany’s focus on
swimwear began in 2015 as a response to a greater need being expressed in the plus size fashion world amongst young adults. Mylk and Honey features feminine, playful, and effortlessly sexy designs and silhouettes. The brand is particularly inspired focused on instilling self-love and confidence amongst women of diverse shapes and sizes.


Bibity Bobity Brides

Suzanne had been working as a seamstress for many years (we won’t count how many!) making clothing for friends alongside jobs and working in bridal boutiques, she has passed on the love for creating and designing clothes to her daughter, Nadine. The pair decided to open their own bridal boutique a few years ago, after noticing that there wasn’t a great local selection for curvy Brides and affordable gowns combined with
a 5* service.

Bibity Bobity Brides specialises in creating custom gowns and have launched their own line of gowns found in store which are proving to be popular. Offering an ‘off the rack’ selection alongside custom orders each bride is welcomed into the boutique family with open arms and will often come back to visit years later for a
cup of tea or a christening gown to be made.


My name is Donna Spence, growing up I loved dressing up especially in my mums clothes. However; overtime I created my own designs to my outfits, to ensure that I looked different from everyone else. I became more knowledgeable about sewing and built up my confidence to use a domestic sewing machine. Consequently I knew that I wanted to design and sew my own clothes one day. I continued to sew, learn to thread up a sewing machine and make a skirt from start to finish.

During my 2 years of training up in a professional manufacturing environment. I worked my way up to become a sewing machinist supervisor and trained up a small group of ladies, how to thread a flatbed industrial sewing machine and to 3 thread overlocker correctly. However making my own clothes in my own time I began to sew for friends & family. Overtime I always knew that I had to become a designer and upgrade my skills & achievements to travel to Nottingham,Derby, Leicester and London. I learnt about CAD, used software Al(Adobe Illustrator) PS (Photo Shop) and Vetigraph 3D Pattern Cutting and grading.

Finally I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show, the first show was at London Fashion Week. It was amazing!! My vision has come to light. I am working on DonZ SS24 mini collection to showcase at
Cumberland Hotel in London. I give thanks to God for guidance, perseverance strength and motivation on my fashion journey.

Intotum Adaptive Fashion

Intotum is taken from latin, meaning all together or as one. As an ancient language it has many translations, and Intotum has even been known to mean ‘Unbroken.’

Founded by Hanan Tantush, recent graduate of London College of Fashion and award-
winning adaptive designer, Intotum was borne out of a desire to create stylish, functional adaptive clothing, that can work WITH your disability. Disheartened by the lack of options for the disabled community after witnessing her grandfather struggle to find comfortable yet fashionable clothing following necessary ostomy surgery, Hanan sought out to fix this. Reflecting high
street fashions, with concealed built-in functionalities and promoting empowerment through ease of dressing, Intotum enables independence and individuality for a
marginalised community. Through user feedback, based on lived experience, Intotum endeavour to create a space for the disabled community within the fashion
industry, as a means to project their voices and grow adaptive fashion.

Central saint martins

Central Saint Martins, where creativity flourishes and innovation thrives, the students embrace the ethos of PEOPLE, PLANET, and PURPOSE. In their latest endeavour, ten visionary groups have collaborated to design campaigns centred on inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability. Among these remarkable initiatives, we are proud to showcase the outstanding work of the top four groups, whose garments exemplify the intersection of style, conscience, and impact.

Central Saint Martins is known as a beacon of excellence in the fashion world, this group has led the charge in pioneering inclusion, setting new standards for the industry. Join us as we redefine the narrative of fashion, where every creation tells a story of empowerment, unity, and progress.