Designers – Feb 2022



Sema Gedik learned from her cousin Funda, who is a little person herself, how difficult it is to buy clothes. Was there not a single label offering clothes for little people that want to participate in fashion and lifestyle? She met with more and more little men and women and then decided: this must change. After several years of researching ready-to-wear sizes for little people and building a strong community, she officially founded the label AUF AUGENHOEHE in 2017

[E] Portare

{E} PORTARE by the Brazilian designer Juliana Carvalho. 
Products with fashion references and alos timeless.
The meaning of {E} PORTARE  translating to English is 
{E} “elegance” Portare “carry”. Handcrafted by powerful 
women and family leaders from Brazilian Slums.

Dear Ocean Community

A sustainable swimwear brand. Created in Portugal, with Brazilian design. All their bikinis and bathing suits are made of non-squeezing Lycra, with a biodegradable fabric and lining.

Elidy’s Couture

Ghanaian born Alesha Vidogah exquisite designs are sophisticated, elegant and contemporary – and her instinctive eye for detail results in the cut, incredible fit and effortless style that makes her label unique.

Whether bridal, occasion or evening wear, the bespoke couture service from Elidys Couture produces timeless clothes to be treasured.


A luxury handbag brand

Olianto is an eco-friendly brand and strives to make sure that as part of our production, we make sustainable handbags by sourcing our leather from tanneries that work with local farmers and recycled leathers.
It’s an ongoing process and we keep improving by educating our workers, and farmers. 
We are also a member of BAFTS British Association Of Fair-Trade Suppliers 

The “Reframe” collection

by KF Branding by Kel Ferey and Woolmay Mayden by Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre

Black designers who inspire, change and transform. It’s like a dream that can only be dreamed of: with this idea, Kel Ferey and the famous Haitian model Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre who is the owner and Creative Director of Woolmay Mayden came together to develop and resignify a unique, rich, timeless and elegant collection. Together, the designers created and resignified 10 exclusive looks, full of prints and embroidered pieces that refer to urban streetwear.

Noe Dresses

Noemie Jouas is a French and Japanese fashion designer based in London. Her feminine and playful designs have sustainability embedded in them as she makes pieces from second hand textiles and deadstock fabrics, bringing life to materials that were once discarded.

Poetry House

 A sustainable Fashion Brand, offering a selection of unique upcycled pieces, along with a range of Urban apparel, made from % organic/ Fairwear approved cotton.

A London based sustainable fashion brand. Its founding principles include celebrating Creativity, Diversity & Integrity. Each piece, like every one of us has a story. The origins of each item are often explored through poetry or theatre, which led the brand to be labelled PoetryHouse “Authentic Attire for Artists”

Ran By Nature

Ethical athleisure for mindful movement and sustainable living. Seasonless, inclusive and sustainable as standard.

Their products have been independently tested and are made in the UK from eco-friendly, recycled fabrics. While giving 10% of the profits to charity.

SB Shop

Samanta Bullock, the CEO of SB shop is passionate about combining fashion and inclusion. SB shop collaborates with brands to develop collections, always pushing for diversity, representation, and acceptance in all spaces.

In addition, SB Shop also operates in the educational sector, with courses, lectures, and content focused on Adaptive Fashion.


Seref is an eco-conscious, gender-fluid brand that focuses on making expressive clothing to celebrate individuality. By intertwining aspects of femininity and masculinity, Seref creates clothing that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity. Using dead-stock fabric and offcuts that could otherwise end up in landfill, Seref helps to reduce textile waste one garment at a time. Making small batches or made to order garments consciously to minimise the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.

Sophie Teal

Bridal Wear, custom made in the UK.

Sophie creates bespoke dresses for women to feel beautiful and confident. Her dresses are created with much attention to detail and couture finishes. Beautiful embroidery designs and the use of corsets and structure in the dresses give the wearer a beautiful and defined silhouette.
An inclusive brand, created for women of different colours, and shapes. 

Smart Adaptive

Philadelphia based brand is breaking barriers as an innovative designer and advocate for adaptive clothing for people who struggle with dressing themselves or another.

“Our easy fasten clothing builds confidence, independence, saves time with effortless style. We keep the buttons on our garments for a traditional appearance and sew Velcro behind each button for easy on | easy off dressing. Ideal for people living with disabilities, chronic illness, caregivers and more”

Nancy the brand CEO

Tracy Toulouse

A Canadian based designer, the collections showcased are inspired by the artistic motifs found in Aboriginal culture, arts, nature and her own creativity. Her pieces feature intricate and colourful appliqué designs on sophisticated, tailored and modern garments. These fashion designs range from one-of-a-kind traditional dance outfits and regalia to entire bridal parties. Her strong connection to her culture and identity is the creative force behind her designs.

Her clothing company, Swirling Wind, was named in memory of her daughter. This life change has brought Toulouse strength, wisdom and humility to strive towards her goals and live in a good way.

Unhidden Clothing

Unhidden is an award winning socially responsible adaptive fashion brand. Created by Victoria Jenkins, a garment technologist with 14 years fashion industry experience. Unhidden is about more than stylish and dignified fashion- it is also about raising awareness and working towards equity for the disabled and chronic sick community.

Yoga Model

Yoga is the pioneer and most renowned designer brand of shapewear in Brazil and has been a market leader for over 40 years.

All Yoga products have breathable, hypo-allergenic fabric. Products comply with the strictest international requirements having
the OEKO TEX seal, meaning that all our fabrics are 100% free of harmful substances and total absence of chemical residues that cause negative
impacts on human beings and the environment.

Yoga is a custom made product for everyone. It’s handmade and adaptable to any body type. Embracing all sizes, body shape and skin type enhancing wellbeing from the inside out.’